Stabilize Prices Prices of Garlic, Dirjen Daglu Monitor Direct Distribution Line

Jakarta, Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Director General of Foreign Trade, Oke Nurwan, accompanied the Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran, to monitor the price of garlic in Kramat Jati Market (17/5/2017). At the visit of the Minister of Agriculture was also present Wakapolri, Metro Jaya Police and Deputy KPPU.

During the visit, efforts to unload two containers (58 tons) of garlic from Yunan China owned by PT. Importers. Gemini Mulia Imagery in Kramat Jati Market with selling price from importer Rp 25.000 / kg. The Minister of Agriculture asked the PD Pasar Kramat Jati officials and police officers to monitor the price at the distributor level to the traders.

Efforts to stabilize the price of garlic continue to be done through cooperation Police officers from the Polres, Polda and Police with relevant agencies in the central and regional. The cooperation is formed in a task force (task force) that actively conducts monitoring of garlic from port to distributor.