Welcome fasting Directorate General of Foreign Trade Synchronize Implementation of Foreign Trade and Domestic Trade, for price stabilization

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Bandung, May 24, 2017

Synergize Principles and Implementation of Foreign Trade and Domestic Trade Policy and strive for price stabilization
Ministry of Trade through the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, is committed to realizing the principles and implementation of foreign trade management in synergy in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. The governance includes exports, imports, export and import facilitation and trade safeguards.

Meanwhile, related to the stabilization of the price of Basic Needs ahead of the National Religious Day (HKBN), it is expected that the implementation of import management policy related to basic necessities and the implementation of domestic trade can run synergistically.

Before the forum was conducted, the Director General of Foreign Trade, Oke Nurwan also conducted direct observation to several areas such as Banda Aceh, Samarinda, Jakarta and Bandung to ensure stable prices and implementation of food import policy is appropriate.

The Forum was attended by all echelon I leaders of the Ministry of Trade and officials from the offices in charge of trade from 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. In the forum, presented the direction of trade policy and strategy in the field of foreign trade. Evaluation of readiness in maintaining the stock and price of staple goods ahead of Fasting, Idul Fitri, and Idul Adha 2017 are also discussed.

In addition to price stabilization efforts, the effort to realize better foreign trade governance, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade has done several things, such as deregulation and debureaucratization of export and import policies (32 types of licenses both exports and imports have been simplified).

In addition, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade has also optimized the use of Certificate of Origin (SKA), e-licensing of export / import, and encouraging the trade-off scheme. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade also supports the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and trade safeguards (up to 2017, 296 dumping, subsidy and safeguard cases have been handled by DG).