Coordination Meeting on Barrier Handling of Export of Automotive Products by Vietnam

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On December 14, 2017 led by the Director General of Foreign Trade Mr. Oke Nurwan, accompanied by Director of Trade Security, Mrs. Pradnyawati held a Coordination Meeting on Handling Export Barriers of Automotive Products by Vietnam.

Attended by representatives of PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing, GAIKINDO, Ministry of Transportation, Directorate of ASEAN Talks, Ministry of Industry and National Standardization Agency. This meeting aims to discuss the Export Barriers of Automotive Products by Vietnam and find a solution.

Director of Trade Security (Pradnyawati) submits all input from K/L, Association and business actor will be accommodated and contained in the draft Letter of the Minister of Trade. The draft will be circulated first to the meeting participants for further feedback, and will be finalized for approval from the Minister of Trade.